実は今年ディズニーランドに、あるあったかメニューが初登場! それがホットポット(おでん)です!! まず目につくのが、いちばん上に乗っているオレンジ色のミッキー。これ、にんじんかと思いきやこんにゃくなんですって。ミッキーシェイプになっているのが遊びゴコロがあって可愛いっ!!








Maurice Williams – How To Pick A Winner(1967)

Sandy And Troy And The Younger Generation – Who In The World(1965)


あおい輝彦 – あなただけを(TV live)
リリースは 1976/06/25。
エルヴィスの『奴の彼女に首ったけ(The Girl Of My Best Friend)』(1960)に似た音使いがある。

John Lennon – Only You(1998/11/02)
Recorded: 6 August 1974

沢田研二 – あなただけでいい(1972)



My Solid Ground – That’s You(1971)

Esther Phillips – Nobody But You(1969)

Norro Wilson – Only You(And You Alone)(1968/11)

George & Lee – Nobody But You(1968)

ジローズ あなただけに(1968)

The T-Birds – Nobody But You(1967)

Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love(Single:1967/03)あなただけを
from the album “Surrealistic Pillow”(1967)

The Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe(1965/07)

Pop Chart Peaks: Record World 7, Billboard & Cash Box 8
Bob Dylan composed this first of five Top-10 Turtles record hits.

Sonny & Cher – Just You(1965/04)

arranged by Sonny Bono
Pop Chart Peaks: Billboard 20, Record World 25, Cash Box 31

Paul Murray – Is It Me(1965/02)

Up-Tunes -(I Wanna Love, I Wanna Love)I Wanna Love Just You(1965)

Rita Da Costa – You And Nothing More(1965)

Little Bob – Nobody But You(1965)

Gerry & The Pacemakers – You You You(1964)



Ocie Smith – Everybody But Me(1964)

The Orlons – Not Me(1963/06)

The song was co-written by Gary Anderson, aka Gary (U.S.) Bonds, and had first been recorded by him and released in 1961 between his hits of “New Orleans” and “Quarter To Three” (it only managed to “bubble under”).

The Dubs – Just You(1963)

Los Indianos – Zamba de usted(1963)

Dee Clark – No Body But Me(1963)

Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford – Nobody but you(1962 ?)

Steve Tyrell – Nobody But You(1962)

Sarah Vaughan – Nobody Else But Me(1962)

U.S. Bonds – Not Me(1961/02)

recorded late 1960
Pop Chart Peaks: Billboard 116, Cash Box 105
Released in-between his debut hit “New Orleans” (which it resembled somewhat) and the blockbuster “Quarter To Three,” this Bonds single attracted little attention. In 1963, though, the song would become a top-15 hit for the Orlons

Mary Small – Everybody But Me(1961)

Kenny Dorham – Nobody Else But Me(1960)

Sam Hawkins – Nobody But You(1960)

Ted Herold – Nur Sie(1960)

Adam Faith – Poor Me(1960)

Franck Pourcel’s French Fiddles – Only You(1959)

Linda Strangis – You Only You(1959)

The Criterions – You Just You(1959)

Skip & Flip – It Was I(1959)

Dee Clark – Nobody But You(1958)

Mamie Van Doren – Nobody But You(1958)

Anny Gould – Loin de vous(1957)
タイトルはフランス語で “Only You”。

Malcolm Vaughan – Only You(And You Alone) (1956/03)

Don Cherry – Namely You(1956)

The Platters – Only You(And You Alone)(1955/06)オンリー・ユー

It was veteran manager-producer-songwriter Buck Ram who not only guided the careers of the most popular black vocal group of the late 1950s, but also composed the majority of their classic hit songs. Tony Williams and the Platters had previously recorded Ram’s “Only You” for the Federal label, but this more well-produced and more’musical’ remake for Mercury put them on the map. It reached #1 R&B and #3 pop, selling over a million. See also the top-10 Hilltoppers version.

The Platters – Only You(And You Alone)(1954 Federal version: 1955/11)
ウィキペディアによると、Federal version は1954年に録音されていたが、Mercury version がヒットした後の1955年11月まで発売されなかったようだ。

recorded May 20, 1954
1st Recording Of “Only You”
If you’re familiar only with the well-produced classic version by Tony Williams and the group, this pre-stardom attempt at “Only You” may be a surprise. Written and produced by their manager Buck Ram, the track was not issued at the time. Then, in the spring of 1955 after Ram had worked out a deal to sign the Platters to Mercury Records, he and the group did their superior remake of the song…and the rest is history. It was around that time that the original track was also finally issued on 45 and 78.

Stan Getz Quartet – Nobody Else But Me(1954)

The Ames Brothers – You You You(1953/06/27)

orchestra & chorus conducted by Hugo Winterhalter (CD audio source)
There are fewer more effective examples of the distinctive “Hugo Winterhalter sound” than in his arrangement of this track, the all-time most successful #1 single by Ed Ames and his brothers. “You You You” tied Les & Mary’s “Vaya Con Dios” for the most weeks listed on the Billboard pop charts by a 1953 hit (31) and was radio’s most-played record for eight weeks.

Benny Goodman and his Orchestra – No Other One(1935)
vocal: Helen Ward

The song spent eleven weeks on “Your Hit Parade,” peaking at #6, with both this and the also-posted Little Jack Little version purportedly leading the way in record sales.

Wally Edwards & his Orchestra – No One But You(1931)
vocal: Elmer Feldkamp

recorded in NYC March 26, 1931
“Wally Edwards” was an artist pseudonym frequently shown on the label of recordings by leader Ed Kirkeby… sometimes from sessions credited to his “Ted Wallace” band pseudonym.and others by his California Ramblers group.

Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Orchestra – Exactly Like You(1930)
vocal: Scrappy Lambert

Merle Johnston & his Ceco Couriers – Exactly Like You(1930)
Broadway’s “The International Revue” (1930) was produced by Lew Leslie, starred Gertrude Lawrence & Harry Richman, and featured songs by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields, including this great standard and “On The Sunny Side Of The Street.”

Cab Calloway and his Orchestra – Nobody’s Sweetheart(1930)

Johnny Johnson and his Orchestra – Just You, Just Me(1929)
vocal: Bob Treaster

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra – Nobody’s Sweetheart(1929)
1924 tune also commonly known as “Nobody’s Sweetheart Now”

Earl Burtnett and His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra – Nobody But You(1929)
vocal: Paul Gibbons

Fred Rich & his Orchestra – Nobody But You(1929)
vocal: The Rollickers Qt.

Posting a freshly-remastered two-sider featuring a couple of fine Fred Rich arrangements of tunes from the early film musical “Hollywood Revue Of 1929.” Though the also-posted “Singin’ In The Rain” will forever reign as the movie’s stand-out hit, this song from the pens of Gus Edwards and Joe Goodwin might also be worth three minutes of your time.

Ben Pollack and His Californians – Sweet Sue–Just You(1928)
vocal: Franklyn Baur
A popular early recording of the Victor Young-Will Harris standard.

◆    ◆    ◆

The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You(UK:1964/12, US:1965/03/08, Australia:1965)
シーカーズ – 恋はたったひとつ

Pop Chart Peaks: Billboard, Cash Box & Record World 4 – UK Chart Peak: 1
This first international hit for Judith Durham and the Australian folk-pop quartet was written by their record producer and chief songwriter Tom Springfield (Dusty’s brother).

The Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You

Laila Kinnunen – I’ll Never Find Another You(1964)

Sheila – Je n’en veux pas d’autre que toi(1964)

Nora Aunor – I’ll Never Find Another You

Teddy Robin & The Playboys – I’ll Never Find Another You

Linda Scott – I’ll Never Find Another You / The Byrds – Mr. Tambourine Man
Where The Action Is(July 07, 1965)
なんと! リンダ・スコットがこれを歌っていたとは!

Sonny James – I’ll Never Find Another You(1967)

Al Martino – I’ll Never Find Another You(1967)






Deon Jackson – That’s What You Do To Me(1966)

The Fortune Cookies – It Should Have Been Me(1965)

Dee Wonder And The Rhythm Fame – What You’ve Done(1965)

Larry Wilcox And His Orchestra – Theme From “Who Did You Kill?”
from the album “Hot Rod Jazz Tuff Saxes And Twangy Guitars”(1964)

Patti Brrok – Look What You’ve Done To Me

The Cascades – Let It Be Me(1963)

Billy Fury – What Do You Think You’re Doing Of(1963)

Kenyon Hopkins – Theme From “Who Do You Kill!”
from the album “East Side, West Side”(1963)

from CBS TV Drama “East Side/West Side“(1963–1964)
Season 1, Episode 7 “Who Do You Kill?”(4 Nov. 1963)

David Martin – Why Have You Treated Me This Way(1962)

Kenny Lynch – Why Do You Treat Me This Way(1960)

Johnny Darrow – Why Do You Treat Me This Way(1960)

Rick And The Randells – Let It Be You(1959)




Peter, Paul and Mary – If I Had A Hammer
at the Newport Folk Festival on Friday, July 23, 1965.

 115億光年以上の彼方にある超大質量ブラックホールで、記録的なガスと塵の放出現象が観測されたという。質量が太陽の10億~30億倍というこの巨大ブラックホールは、「SDSS J1106+1939」と呼ばれるクエーサーの中心部に存在する。クエーサーとは、非常に明るく高エネルギーな銀河の一種だ。





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