Dry falls photos garnering attention
NIAGARA FALLS — It has been more than three decades since Russ Glasson last set eyes upon the mighty cataracts of Niagara.
But during the past week, the iconic tourist attraction has figured prominently in the life of the semi-retired 75-year-old Weatherfield, Conn., resident.
Last year, Glasson posted a small collection of 41-year-old photos showing a dried-up American Falls on a photo-sharing website.
The photos, which were taken by his late father-in-law, eventually caught the attention of a reporter with London’s Daily Mail newspaper, who contacted Glasson to say he was interested in doing a story about the photos and posting the collection on the newspaper’s website.

あの3つの滝のうちアメリカ滝が1969年に数ヶ月間、干上がったことがあるって知ってました? これは昨年コネチカットの男性が義両親のガレージから見つけた、その時の写真です。水1滴なくて、まるでグランドキャニオンみたいですよね!

Niagara Falls, 1969


大滝詠一 – 楽しい夜更かし



大滝詠一 – GO! GO! Niagaraのテーマ~Dr.Kaplan’s Office






The Smoke – Waterfall(1967)

The Curls – Like A Waterfall(1960)
間奏の “Dixie” に似たやつのほかに、メロディでなんかクラシック曲使ってない?

Leo Reisman and his Orcgestra – By A Waterfall(1933)
vocal: Arthur Wright

Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees – By A Waterfall(1933)
vocal: Rudy Vallee

Dick Powell – By A Waterfall(1933)

In the classic Warner Brothers film musical “Footlight Parade” Powell and Ruby Keeler were featured in Busby Berkeley’s memorably extravagant production of this number…also posted to the MusicProf78 channel in recorded versions by Rudy Vallee, Meyer Davis, and Leo Reisman.

John McCormack – Just A Cottage Small(By A Waterfall)(1925)
with Nat Shilkret & the Victor Salon Orchestra

シングルCDの時代は終わり、オリコンのシングルチャートも時代遅れに – P2Pとかその辺のお話@はてな



例えばモンキーズですと『I Didn’t Know You Had It in You Sally, You’re a Real Ball of Fire』、『Ladies Aid Society』、『D. W. Washburn』あたり。
シルヴィ・バルタンの『男の子のように(Comme un Garçon)』、ビートルズの『ハニーパイ(Honey Pie)』、レスリー・ゴーアの『ブリンク・オブ・ディザスター(Brink Of Disaster)』、ザ・ニュー・ボードビル・バンドの『ウインチェスターの鐘(Winchester Cathedral)』などはその成功例でしょう。

The New Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral(UK:1966/08, US:1966/10)ウィンチェスターの鐘
vocal: Geoff Stephens

Pop Chart Peaks: Billboard, Cash Box & Record World #1 – UK Chart Peak: #4
One of the year’s best-selling singles was a creation of British songwriter and record producer Geoff Stephens.

Kris Jensen – I Love to Call You Sweetheart(1966)

I Kasù – Vino rosso(1967)

Bit A Sweet – Monday-Tuesday(1968)

The Troll – Professor Pott’s Pornographic Projector(1968)



Teddie James – Locket(1975/04/11)


シェパード・シスターズの『Remember That Crazy Rock And Roll Tune』なんかは実在の歌がいくつか出てきますね。

Freddy Martin – A Broken Record(1936)



Mound City Blue Blowers – A Broken Record(1936)



Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra – The All Night Record Man(1939)



ちあきなおみ – すり切れたレコード
エディット・ピアフ『Le Disque Use』(1942年)の日本語カバー。



1949 Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra – Swing To 45(1949)

The title (of my favorite Flanagan track) references RCA Victor’s 1949 campaign to convert record buyers to the company’s new 45rpm technology.

Bull Moose Jackson – Big Ten-Inch Record(1952)
ルイ・ジョーダン スタイル。

Singer-saxophonist Jackson and his band The Buffalo Bearcats placed a number of recordings high on the R&B record charts, but this uncharted’dirty blues’ track (originally issued under the name “Moose Jackson”) remains his most famous recording.

Tom Tall and his Tom Cats – Stack-A-Records(1958)

The Markeys featuring George Morton – Make A Record, Man(1958)

Hank C. Burnette – Stack O’ Records

The Playmates – When the Record Goes Around

Los Cinco Latinos – Recordándote(1959/12/12)

Marlon Grisham – Ain’t That A Dilly(1960)

Glenn Dunno – Sitting By The Record Player(1961)

Freddy Cannon – If You Were A Rock And Roll Record(1962)君はNo.1

Brook Benton – Hit Record(1962 hit single version)ヒット・レコード・メーカー
orchestra conducted by Malcom Dodds, produced by Shelby Singleton

Benton has a good time with this cute ‘how-to’ song, also issued in an alternate version with the last line read as “to make a hit record” rather than the single’s “and I got a hit record.”
National Pop Chart Peaks: Music Vendor 35, Cash Box 36, Billboard 45

The Aztecs – Teenage Hall Of Fame(1962)

Sandy Selsie – Gonna Get Some Records(1962)想い出のレコード

Kenny Loran – One More Record Please

Bob Hope & Edie Adams – The Flip Side(1963)

Gene Thomas – Playing Those Old Records(1963)

Violet Rivers – Turn The Record Over(1963)

Dodie Stevens – I Wore Out Our Record(1963)想い出のレコード

Bobby Cristo And The Rebels – The Other Side Of The Track(1964)

H.B. Barnum – The Record(1965)



Ben E. King – The Record(Baby, I Love You)(1965)



Three Dog Night – Our “B” Side(1973/05)
シングル “Shambala” のB面。

Pip Williams – Hey! Mr. Record Man(1975)

岡田奈々 – そよ風と私(1977)



Record Manufacturing “Command Performance” 1942 RCA Stamping Records Milton Cross

エヴァン・ハンターの小説『暴力教室(Blackboard Jungle)』には新任英語教師が生徒の情操教育の一環としてジャズを聞かせようと考え、大切にしているレコード・コレクションを教室へ持ち込む場面があります(左のポケミスだと192ページのあたりから)。

JJ Cale – Rock and Roll Records(1974)



斉藤哲夫 – すりきれたレコード



八代亜紀 – 一枚のLP盤(レコード)



(右)シングル『思い出のレコード』フランク永井、松尾和子、吉永小百合、三田明 ビクター 1967年6月1日


山川豊 – ナイアガラ・フォールズ





Broken Recordが何度も同じ話を繰り返す(人の)ことだと云われて、若いタレントたちはキョトン。レコードの針飛びを知らないのだから無理もない。



Vinyl Cat
公開日: 2012/11/30
Cat playing Bob Marley with Technics 1210 MK5

Cat Scratch Vinyl Fever
アップロード日: 2011/11/18
DJ Cheeto







Records Are Groovy! – 1966 | The Archivist Presents | #49

British Movietone
2016/06/07 に公開
Vinyl is back in fashion. How I wish I had a portable Discatron so I could dance to my 45rpms in the park with my chums.
At a factory in Birmingham, the World’s first truly portable record players are being made. Operated by a battery, you just slip in a disc and the start button operates a tracking device. Weighing only eight pounds, the cost is sixteen guineas.
Key Scene. GV interior factory in Birmingham making portable record players. CU ditto. MS ditto. CU ditto. MCU record put into Discatron. CU start button pressed. CU pick-up engages with record. Zoom in Discatron playing. MS teenagers on bicycles with a Discatron. MS boy hands record to other boy. CU girl waiting to put record into Discatron. MS girl puts record into Discatron. CU ditto. MS group rides away. Tracking shot boy and girl cycling. Tracking shot. Ditto showing Discatron strapped to bike. Slip pan. MCU girl walks swinging Discatron. MS girl walks puts Discatron down walks away, and starts dancing. CU girl dancing. CU girl’s feet. CU boy dancing. CU boy and girl dancing. MCU girl dancing. CU record playing in Discatron. CU girl dancing. CU boy dancing. CU boy’s feet as he dances. LS group dancing.




78rpm Salvage – 1942 | Archivist Presents | #60

British Movietone
2016/08/23 に公開
If you are a fan of the 78rpm record, you may find this film disturbing!
Gramophone records are being collected to recover the shellac for the war effort.
tarts from London Stages meet outside British Legion HQ 9, Upper Belgrave Street. W1. Opening shots show stars (introduced in sound) handing over records – received by Sir Ian Hamilton. CU Sid Walker & Sir Ian Hamilton receiving records. CU Richard Tauber trying to learn Sid Walker’s song using words “Any Rags Records or Bones” (cuts only). MS Sid Walker with barrow & records arriving at office, singing his song – lifting records, and moving out of picture towards queue. Sid Walker receives records from Nellie Wallace, Stanley Holloway and Sandy Powell. (CU saying “Can You Hear Me Mother”). CU Sid Walker saying “What could I do chums?”. The story opens with shots of two or three men of the British Legion in bath chairs handing over their records to the two men behind the table.



Royals at Niagara Falls – 1939 | Today In History | 7 June 17

British Movietone
2017/06/06 に公開
On June 7, 1939, King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, arrived at Niagara Falls, New York, from Canada on the first visit to the United States by a reigning British monarch.
En route to the USA, their Majesties stop to view Niagara Falls.









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