Another Atomic Cafe

フジヤマ・ママもママの内 more register movement

Slim Gaillard Quartette – Atomic Cocktail(1945)

Hawkshaw Hawkins – When They Found The Atomic Power(1947)



Jackie Doll – When they Drop The Atomic Bomb

Lowell Blanchard and the Valley Trio – Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb(1950)

Ozie Waters – Old Man Atom(1950)

The Five Stars – Atom Bomb Baby

Amos Milburn – Atomic Baby



Glenn Barber – Atom Bomb

Al Rex – Hydrogen Bomb



Bernard Hilda et son Orchestre – La Bomba “H” Cha
vocal: Léopoldo Francès



The Talbot Brothers – Atomic Nightmare


Survival Town – 1955 US Atomic Weapons Tests – WDTVLIVE42
wdtvlive42 – Archive Footage
2011/04/18 にアップロード

“Survival Town” was a purpose-built collection of structures, buildings and mannequins designed to measure the effects of an atomic weapon used against urban centres. On 5 May 1955 a 31 kiloton bomb was detonated with the effects recorded for later analysis.



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