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I.A.P. Co. – The Sky’s The Limit(1970)

Occasions – Baby Don’t Go(1966)

The Cops ‘N Robbers – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue(1965)
Bob Dylan Cover



The Parktowns – That Day Will Never Come(1964)

◆    ◆    ◆

バディ・ホリーのヒット曲「ザットル・ビー・ザ・デイ」(原題:That’ll Be the Day)は、作中で繰り返されるイーサンの台詞からインスパイアされたものである。

<捜索者 – Wikipedia>

John Wayne “That’ll Be The Day

Buddy Holly – That’ll be the day(1956 DECCA version)

The Crickets – That’ll Be the Day(1957 Brunswick version)いつの日か

The Quarrymen – That’ll Be the Day(1958)

The Blue Diamonds – That’ll Be The Day(1965)

◆    ◆    ◆

Gene Austin, piano by Abel Baer – Someday Sweetheart(1927)

The 1919 jazz standard was recorded by many different artists during the 1920s, 30s & 40s.

Leo Reisman and his Orchestra – Someday I’ll Find You(1931)
vocal: Frances Maddux

Introduced in Noel Coward’s famous “Private Lives” stage production, this waltz tune remained in the public ear into the mid-1950s as the ironically-titled theme song for radio’s long-running detective series “Mr. Keen, Tracer Of Lost Persons.”

Ricky Nelson – Someday(1958)

Annie Laurie – Someday Someway(1958)



The Veltones – Someday(1959)



Fats Domino – I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Someday(1959)
オリジナルは同じインペリアルのBobby Mitchell and The Toppers(1957)



Young Lions – Maybe Someday(1959)



Mike André – Somewhere, Sometime(1960/09)

Dean Martin – Someday(You’ll Want Me to Want You)(1960)



Cam Morris & The Don Costs’ Crusaders – Someday(1960)



The Ballads – Someday(1960)



The Temptations – Someday(1960)



Annie Laurie – It’s Gonna Come Out In The Wash Someday(1960/04)

B.B. King – Someday Baby(1961)

Vigilantes – Someday(Someone Will Come To Me)(1961/08)

Johnny & Jackey – Someday We’ll Be Together(1961)



Dee Irwin – Someday You’ll Understand Why(1961)



Carl Perkins – Someday Somewhere Someone Waits For Me
1961 Columbia unissued



Doris Day – Someday I’ll Find You(1961)



Nino & The Ebb Tides – Someday(I’ll Fall In Love)(1961)



Tobin Matthews – One Of These Days(1962/06/29)

Radmila Mikić – I ja ću se zaljubiti(1962)
I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday のセルビア語カバー。



Kenny Gamble and Tommy Bell – Some Day You’ll Be My Love



The Maroons – Someday I’ll Be The One(1962)



Blane Gifford – Someday, One Day(1962)

Steve Tyrell – Payday Someday(1962)



The Marvelettes – Someday-Someway(1962)



Bobby Vee & The Crickets – Someday(1962)

Louis Armstrong – Someday
TV show “The Goodyear Jazz Concert” on April 2, 1962.

Chantays – I’ll Be Back Someday(1964/02)いつの日か君に



Howlin Wolf – I’ll Be Back Someday(TV live, 1964)

Bubblegum Lemonade – Maybe Someday
『自由になりたい(I Wanna Be Free)』(1966)を思い出した。

This is song 2 of 12 on the original disc and the writer is unknown.
The CD was released in 2010 by Sophomore and the catalog # is relevant.
This group hails from Scotland.

The Blue Diamonds – Someday(1968)



The Paper Dolls – Someday(1968)

Diana Ross and The Supremes – Someday We’ll Be Together(1969/10/14)またいつの日にか

arranged by Wade Marcus, produced by Johnny Bristol
Pop Chart Peaks: Billboard & Cash Box #1, Record World #2
This final number-one for the trio–and the final single release featuring Ross as a ‘Supreme’–was initially intended to be Diana’s first solo effort, as neither Mary Wilson nor Cindy Birdsong were present at the session. Johnny Bristol and Maxine & Julia Waters are heard as backup vocalists.

The Carpenters – Someday
from the album “Offering”(1969)

◆    ◆    ◆

Leo Reisman and his Orchestra – Sometime In Summertime(1932)
vocal: Frank Luther

Joe Hill Louis – We All Gotta Go Sometime(1953)

A very old record from SUN(Sun 178)
Recorded December 8 and November 17, 1952, SUN studio, 706 Union Ave,

Utah Carl – Sometime(1957)

Bennie Bunn – Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow(1959)

Mike Andre – Somewhere, Sometime(1960)

Gene Thomas – Sometime(1961)

Johnny Wilson – Sometime, Someplace, Somewhere(1961)

Helen Shapiro – Sometime Yesterday(1962)

Art Farmer Quartet featuring Jim Hall – Sometime Ago(1963)



Gary Shearston – Sometime Lovin’(1965)

Sean and Sonja – Sometime Lovin’(TV live, 1965)



Joe Dassin – Sometime Lovin’(1966)

The Staple Singers – I Can’t Help From Cryin’ Sometime(1966)

Nina Simone – It Be’s That Way Sometime(1967)



Grains Of Sand – Drop Down Sometime(1967)

The Gurus – Everybodys Got To Be Alone Sometime(1967)

The Lemon Drops – Sometime Ago(raga version)

Ellie Pop – Sometime Ago(1968)



Taj Mahal – Everybody Got To Change Sometime(live 1968)

Beauregard Ajax – Loneliness is a Sometime Thing(1968)

American Breed – Sometime In The Morning(1968)

Joe Stampley & The Uniques – Sometime(1969)

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Didn’t You Know(You’d Have To Cry Sometime)(1969)

Scientists Of Soul – Be’s That-A-Way Sometime(1969)

Joe Cocker – Didn’t You Know You’ve Got to Cry Sometime(live 1972)

Wishbone Ash – Sometime World(1972)

Barbara Mandrell – Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow(1980)

◆    ◆    ◆

The Beatles – I’ll Be Back(1964)

吉田正 異国の丘(TV 1975)




◆    ◆    ◆

Petula Clark – Song Without End(1972)

Barbara Ruskin – Song Without End(1966)

Ruth Etting – Life Is A Song(Let’s Sing It Together)(1935)

Isham Jones’ Orchestra – The Song Without A Name(1930)
vocal: Frank Sylvano